Are cards anything to do with Argyll

I have some cards that my grandfather gave me when I was a child. Read More...

Looking for details of this Argyll

This photo was in a family album spanning the Great War period that I was looking at over the weekend to find some photos for a cousin.

Argyll crop


Is this an Argyll?

I attach a photograph of my Grandfather in France during the Great War. I am interested to know if the vehicle he is sitting in is indeed an Argyll model.

Harold Pearson in wartime France

Argyll ordered on this day 107 years ago

We’re grateful to Nick Yule who has sent us photographs and the original invoice for his grandparents’ Argyll, which was ordered on this day 107 years ago.

Argyll 14-16

Argyll engine purchaser seeks information

I have just purchased an Argyll engine complete with radiator in outstanding original condition and am looking for information, parts and so forth.

Argyll_engine-1409

London premises information wanted

Down here on the Survey of London, the official history of London's buildings we are working on a history of the area and architecture of the West End where Argylls had their London showroom and HQ during their brief Edwardian heyday.

Argylls London building

Argyll from Cape to Cairo

I am researching my family history. Of particular interest because I am planning a similar trip was the first attempt to drive a car from the Cape to Cairo in 1913. It was an Argyll car – the Louise of Argyll - but the leader, Kelsey, chose to shoot a leopard in what is now Zambia and died as a result of his wounds. Read More...

Argyll badge - any value?

I found this radiator badge recently and wondered if it had any value or if anyone would be interested in it. Read More...

Arrol Johnston

I am a bit uncertain of the year but I believe it was 1930 and I was eight years old and on my birthday I had the pleasure of driving my father’s car which was an Arroll Aster up Newton Avenue and into Roundhill Drive Elderslie. Read More...

Argyll in 1948 A J Cronin novel – any photos?

In his 1948 novel, Shannon's Way, A. J. Cronin wrote of a "...brass-bound Argyll ambulance." Are there photographs of such a vehicle? Are there any such that have been restored? The Argyll automobile was surely a beautiful automobile!

Robert Lucke
Indianapolis, IN, USA

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