Isn't Argyll the only truly Scottish car make?

Isn’t Argyll the only truly Scottish car make?

What else has there been to the Scottish motor industry in the past?

I believe Hillmans were made at Linwood in the second half of last century.

Hillman Imp

The Hillman Imp was manufactured at Linwood by the Rootes Group

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Editor’s response

There were actually quite a number of Scottish car manufacturers in the early 20th century. Argyll (as noted in the first paragraph of Argyll Motors page) was one of the famous “three As” of Scottish car manufacture – Argyll, Albion and Arrol-Johnston.

There were a number of others, notably Beardmore who manufactured everything from railway locomotives to motorcycles, but were probably best known for their taxis.

In truth, in the early years of the 20th century most substantial cities and towns had their own motor manufacturers, assembling cars.

The Hillman Imp was manufactured at a new car plant in Linwood, near Glasgow, opened by the Duke of Edinburgh in 1963. After Rootes was bought by Chrysler, the factory was used to manufacture Hillman Avengers, Hillman Hunters and the Talbot Sunbeam.
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