Argyll ordered on this day 107 years ago

We’re grateful to Nick Yule who has sent us photographs and the original invoice for his grandparents’ Argyll, which was ordered on this day 107 years ago.

The car, a 14-16 H.P. Argyll de Luxe S.E. (who thought that descriptions like “deluxe” and “SE” were new to the motor industry?) was bought from Argylls London Ltd.

Argyll 14-16
Argyll 14-16Argyll 14-16

The estimate is dated December 2, 1907 – exactly 107 years ago today and receipted for £457 6/- (about £44,000 in today’s money) on December 18 – a nice Christmas present for the family!

It’s not just modern cars that have tempting options as the estimate shows. The Argyll, registration number A8835, came with a Cape Cart Hood and Windscreen, Toll Kit, Stepney Wheel, spare cover and tube to fit on Stepney, Nonskids on rear wheels, headlamps and brackets and the all-important driving licence.

Argyll estimate 1907

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