Are cards anything to do with Argyll

I have some cards that my grandfather gave me when I was a child.

He was a British soldier in the 1914 war. I had put them away and I have now found out they were connected to the Argyle Alto co, London company. The London part maybe where these vintage cards were printed?

I have a few hundred of them and was wondering if they have a connection to the car company. They are card cigarette style cards and some have real pictures of models or female film stars with slogans on the.

Some are cartoon like with a man and a woman and says at top of card, Before marriage. The style of clothing looks like 1900's.

The cartoon ones are in color of pink and black and white but the photo ones are black and white. Also, the cartoon ones have soldiers in what seems like 1st world war uniforms. Cards have a romantic theme.

Would like any information I can as to what they are and maybe the value. comment

If they were connected to a company called Argyle and not Argyll, then we can be pretty sure they were not connected to the Argyll Motor Company.

Perhaps one of our other site users has some insight. If so, please use the comment facility at the bottom of the page or email and I will pass on your comments.

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