Argyll buttonhole badge

I was recently going through my fathers belongings and found this "Argyll - Glasgow" Button hole badge (photo Attached).

Argyll Badge

Longuemare carburettor info needed

I am restoring a scarce Thomas Melvin - Glasgow, Scotland stationary engine that was once a Producer Gas Plant engine and at some point converted to low-tension magneto, ignitor and carburetor. Read More...

Tokyo earthquake Argyll

I recently visited Tokyo, and outside a museum dedicated to the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 saw the preserved fire damaged chassis of what on closer examination turned out to be an Argyll car or truck.

Tokyo Argyll

Acme gas engine and Argyll

G'day, Nyal Chivell here from Australia.

We've got an Acme gas engine in our collection of 250 old engines and after much research it appears to be the only one in the country. With the help of our friend, the late Jim Dancer of England he too tried to find out information about it. He was unsuccessful.

After reading about the Argyll company I noticed a reference to the Acme company of 1881 in your history. Our engine is a good runner, of about 3 hp, single flywheel, open crank, tank cooled and fitted with an up-draught carby. If you have any info on the company or know where we could look it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Nyal Chivell

Argyll restoration in Cheshire

We now have this car sat on our driveway, it is not beyond repair but was wondering if you could advise me of any locations in the Cheshire region that would store the car to enable the gentleman to start his renovations.

George and Jobling and Argyll

In reply to Hugh Jobling, while I have little information about the connection with Argyll other than that on this website, if he contacts me I can let him have what information I have about the firm. Read More...

Another 'A' of the Scottish motor industry

I was brought up in Dumfries, and at my present age of 57, I am fascinated by the background of the Arrol Aster factory in Heathall, near Dumfries. The Americans took over the factory when I was a young man, and the factory was always a 'closed book' to younger people. Read More...

Re: Where in Bridgeton was Argyll?

After the second liquidation in 1914, The then works manager bought the original workshops at Hozier Street in Brigeton, Glasgow. Read More...

Where in Bridgeton was Argyll?

I wonder if anyone can tell me where in Bridgeton the company was sited after
the move from Alexandria?

Re: Argyll buses to Canada

I have done a huge amount of research into the history of Argyll Motors and have located some of the company records. Read More...

Argyll buses to Canada

Could anyone please refer me to any information on a fleet of Argyll buses reportedly exported to Canada in 1913? Read More...

Re: Argyll sleeve-valve aero engine

The aero engine was finally developed further and used in fighter bombers of WW11 Read More...

Argyll single sleeve valve aero engine

I am very keen to obtain some details of the Argyll sleeve-valve aero-engine that was built in 1914 to compete in the Farnborough competition of the same year. Read More...

Memories of the Argyll factory

I enjoyed your history of the Argyll factory. My father worked in it when it was the RNTF as a turner in the 40s and 50s untill he sadly died when I was nine and we left for Birmingham, where my mother was born. Read More...

Argyll Motoring and Engineering Company Hornsea

In the early 1930s my father was apprenticed to the Argyll Motor and Engineering Company in Hornsey, Prior Park (I think) which was/is between Enfield and north London. Read More...
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