Looking for the sound of Argylls

I am working for a company called 55 Degrees located in Glasgow www.55degrees.co.uk. We are currently making a series of short documentary films involving classic cars and we are looking for some specific sounds relating to classic cars. Read More...

Did Continental Motors supply engine for 1927 Argyll?

Is it known if the 6 cylinder car of 1927 was made by Continental in the USA for Argyll, as it was fitted with Delco-Remy dynamo, starter and distributor, and the nuts and bolts have AF/SAE heads rather than BSF. Read More...

Isn't Argyll the only truly Scottish car make?

What else has there been to the Scottish motor industry in the past?

Hillman Imp

Any employment records?

My grandfather John Thomas Smith, a skilled fitter, lived in Govan Drive in Alexandria, a few minutes walk from the factory. This was in 1908, the year of my father's birth. Read More...
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