Looking for the sound of Argylls

I am working for a company called 55 Degrees located in Glasgow www.55degrees.co.uk. We are currently making a series of short documentary films involving classic cars and we are looking for some specific sounds relating to classic cars.

As you have a well documented website covering the company we were wondering if you have or know anyone who has access to footage of the cars running. We are particular interested in the sound of the cars. As it is a documentary film we are making, it is important for us to portray an accurate representation of the classic vehicles of the past.

The vehicles that we need sound for are listed below:

  • Argyle 5
  • Voiturette 1922.42.a 1899
  • Argyll 2 3/4hp
  • Voiturette 1938.103 tbc
  • Argyle 14/16
  • Tourer 1986.10 1908
  • Argyle 12
  • 1962.24B 1926

Sounds that we are looking for are:

  • Horn
  • Door slam
  • Engine sound
  • Windscreen wiper
  • Indicator
  • Ignition
  • Hand crack

Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Paul Duddy

55degrees Ltd
3rd Floor
Ingram House
227 Ingram Street
Glasgow G1 1DA

t: 0141 222 2855
w: www.55degrees.co.uk
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