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Re: Researching Eustace Hargreaves Watson

I have read your web pages on Argylls as part of my research into the above gentleman. He also seems to have been prominent in Studebaker in the UK.

He seems to pop up in Argylls in 1905 at their Newman Street address (building still there, unmolested! Duly photographed by me, recently!). The next time I find him is when his partnership with Thomas Byrom (a former manager of Argylls, London) is dissolved in September 1911. Their business address was at 17 Great Portland Street - a street where Studebaker in various guises had premises.

I have him with Studebaker til 1929 when he seems to disappear. Records show in 1930 he went to Canada prior to returning to the UK. He died in 1951, being described as a director of Lambert's of Kingston.

If you have any info on Watson's arrival & departure at Argylls I would be grateful if you could let me know. Any info to fill in the gaps would be appreciated.

Many thanks,

Andrew Minney,
Motoring Historian & Researcher,
Twickenham, Middlesex.

Researching Eustace Hargreaves Watson

I am researching into Eustace Hargreaves Watson, who was the London manager and later Managing Director of Argylls. Read More...
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